Problem #8 issues

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Problem #8 issues

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:42 am

#8. The largest recipient of FDI in the world in 2001 was

The 4th addition has a section that is not in the 5th edition called “Slumping FDI: 2001 & 2003 . This section has “China as the largest recipient of FDI among developed nations for the best part of a decade, a trend that continued in 2003 when the country received a record $57 billion in FDI from multinationals.” P. 238

The 5th addition of the book, p 234, has the U.S. receiving more for the “inward”. Page 230 (4 sentences from the bottom) has “France” as the largest “National” recipient of $49 billion.


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