Exam 3 Review

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Exam 3 Review

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1. Foreign expansion based on a nations ____________?
2. Advantages of entering a market early ___________?
3. Costs to only an early entrant (other entrants won’t have)? _____________________?
4. Long term decision that is difficult to reverse _________________________?
5. Is about what size entrants to capture first mover advantages ___________________?
6. What risks are reduced for a firm if given time to collect information_________________?
7. What type firm enters a market on small scale but may miss first mover advantages_________________? [Will involve Risk or wise]
8. The different modes of entry_________________?
9. Disadvantages of exporting_________________?
10. Which strategy has fewest details of input for a project_________________?
11. Types of property_________________?
12. _________________Has low development costs and risks.
13. How to establish a wholly owned subsidiary. _________________?
14. What is the most costly form of foreign market entry? _________________?
15. Entry mode if high tech firm wants to profit from core competency in tech know how. _________________?
16. ________________is great in markets that are rapidly globalizing.
17. What is best when a firm wants to build the subsidiary that it wants_________________?
18. It is easier to build an organization from_________________, than to change existing culture?
19. Entering a market with incumbent firms where others are also interested, the firm should do what_________________?
20. About entering Japan where no incumbents to acquire the best strategy is to_________________?
21. Large firms tend to _________________about exporting where ME’s are _________________? Small, med, enterprise is SME
22. Which is one of the world’s most successful exporting nations_________________?
23. The great trading houses in Japan_________________?
24. Source of export opportunities information in U.S. is _________________?
25. U.S. department of commerce provides what services_________________?
26. Which organization is affiliated with SCORE_________________?
27. A company of export specialists that acts as an export marketing department_________________?
28. 3N built export success on what principles_________________?
29. About how two parties can figure their transaction_________________?
30. Why is lack of trust a major issue_________________?
31. Title to products is given to a bank_________________?
32. Letter of credit is requested by whom_________________?
33. Order by exporter instructing importer how to pay_________________?
34. When two parties trust reputable banks_________________?
35. About the Bill of Lading_________________?
36. Two categories of drafts_________________?
37. What guarantees repayment of loans U.S. banks make to foreign borrowers_________________?
38. Exporters prefer what from importers_________________?
39. Trading goods and services when they cannot be traded for money_________________?
40. Who are masters of counter trade because of their networks_________________?
41. What controls transport of materials through the value chain_________________?
42. Recently the trend toward outsourcing_________________?
43. Who was behind the philosophy that “mistakes and poor quality are not acceptable” _________________?
44. Demmings suggestions_________________?
45. What is somewhat bureaucratic and costly_________________?
46. Goals in International Business_________________?
47. What includes a skilled labor pool in supporting industries that helps in locating manufacturing plants_________________?
48. Which type costs in manufacturing are high dictating, a firm, have a single location_________________?
49. What declines with output until a level is reached then increases in output realize small unit costs reduction_________________?
50. What utilizes capital equipment, productivity gains, and specialization of employees_________________?
51. Manufacturing technologies to reduce setup times increase productivity from equipment and improved quality control_________________?
52. What achieves high efficiency and lower unit costs through mass production_________________?
53. Flexible manufacturing produces what kind of products?
54. A flexible manufacturing technology that meets low costs and product customization goals_________________?
55. Advantages of flexible manufacturing_________________?
56. About high and low value to weight ratios_________________?
57. Same thing
58. Two strategies for locating manufacturing facilities_________________?
59. About a consumer universal product_________________?
60. When should you decentralize manufacturing_________________?
61. Major contributor to success of new product introductions is close relationship between whom_________________?
62. When markets are divided by sex, age, income, race, or education_________________?
63. Identifying groups whose purchasing behavior differs from others_________________?
64. The social cultural factor_________________?
65. A product is a bundle of _________________?
66. Consumer needs differ due to _________________?
67. Consumer tastes and preferences are becoming _________________?
68. Where is cultural convergence strongest_________________?
69. Who demands products with extra performance attributes_________________?
70. Element of marketing mix is _________________ strategy for delivering product_________________?
71. The number of intermediaries between product and consumer_________________?
72. Which country has fragmented retail system and long channels of distribution_________________?
73. The internet has helped to _________________?
74. What limits using the same marketing message and selling approach world wide_________________?
75. In communications strategy the choice between _________ and _________________?
76. About PUSH strategy_________________?
77. PULL strategy_________________?
78. Two conditions for profitable price discrimination.
79. About the elasticity of demand_________________?
80. What has high tech done to product life cycles_________________?
81. A strong fit between _________________ and _________________ is required for high profitability?
82. When a company employs individuals with behavioral styles, beliefs, and value systems, consistent with the company_________________?
83. Which type staffing policy fills management positions with parent company nationals. _________________?
84. What overcomes lack of qualified managers in host nations, unified culture, and helps transfer core competencies_________________?
85. Which approach alleviates cultural myopia (glasses help), inexpensive to implement_________________?
86. Cultural myopia refers to _________________?
87. Premature return of expat manager_________________?
88. What percentage of employees sent to developing nations return early_________________?
89. The costs of expatriate failure to parent firm_________________?
90. What is a subset of expats who are citizens of a foreign country working in the home country of their employer _________________?
91. What are reasons for expat failure_________________?[check expert??]
92. The ability to adapt to food, sport, and music_________________? [like one not the others??]
93. The rise of _________________has added difficult dimension to spousal adjustment.
94. Familiarization trip to region is a form of _________________?
95. The final link in the Expat process_________________?
96. Which country has highest pay to manufacturing employees_________________?
97. In expat pay, which approach equalizes PP[purchasing power] so employees enjoy same living standard_________________?
98. About expats paying income tax to home and host country governments_________________?
99. About domestic unions of multinational firms and the multinational can counter bargaining power with _________________?
100. What does ITS stand for_________________?


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